welcome to the family.




6 weeks. He’s been here for 6 weeks already. I can’t believe how fast little Henry’s babyness is flying by. He is absolutely precious. I love the sound of his coos and his cries. I love the way he makes his eyes giant and his mouth into a tiny O. I love his tummy. It is so soft and warm. I love to wrap him up in his Halo burrito sack thing and have just his perfect little head poking out of the top. He looks so much like Miles did as a baby. Beautiful.

His brothers adore him. Miles is ALWAYS in his face, touching him and cuddling him and aggravating him LOL. Brother takes frequent breaks from playing to gently rub and kiss the top of Henry’s head. These boys of mine. They are just awesome. They go nonstop all the live long day… (literally, they never let up) but they make me so happy. 


The transition to 3 hasn’t been nearly as bad as I imagined. I still think the worst part of having 3 kids so far was giving birth. Man that crap HURTS! If I ever do it again (not likely) remind me to just get the epidural! 

But really, one thing about having three that is difficult is that I feel like I am not giving any of them enough of my time or attention. It’s probably just me feeling guilty for nothing (hello OCD) but I do. I want them all to feel my presence and love all the time. And I want to have the energy to run around and play with the bigs. I know it will all fall together in time. For now, we are doing the best we can and I have to say (at the risk of all hell breaking loose after I type this) that things are pretty wonderful with three boys. The night before last I even randomly had the feeling like I wanted to someday have another baby. (Ya. Where’d that come from I do not know, and I am SURE it was just some crazy hormonal fluke) but still, it speaks of just how NOT awful having three kids has been so far. It also helps that I am not working right now. Man it is NICE! I truly envy all you moms out there who don’t need to make the bacon. Drew and I have looked at our budget time and again and there is simply NO way for me to quit. We would be homeless. So Kudos to those out there who can make it work on one income (Kudos meaning I am totally jealous of you… but in the nicest way possible). 



Annnnnywho, school is going so well. Only a couple semesters left til I have my BS! I honestly NEVER thought I would do it. And I never would have if it weren’t for Drew pushing and supporting me and finding ways around and through all of the bumps in the road with me. He is my champion. I know how lucky I am to have a husband that supports my dreams. I texted him the other day that I didn’t want to wait years between my BS and my Master’s degree. In a matter of seconds he replies “So don’t.” Just like that. It’s amazing to me. I love you boo.





Henry is in the wrap right now and he is starting to get fidgety so I better wrap up.



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  1. Love and welcome! Beautiful family. Must be nice to be surrounded by such handsome men/boys 🙂

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